Karuna Church

Karunan kirkkotie 66, 21590 KARUNA

Karuna Church is located in Karuna, Sauvo. The church, representing romantic nationalism, was built out of grey granite from Karuna during 1908–1910, and designed by Josef Stenbäck. There is a star vault and belt arch in the centre of the church that are decorated with festoons, otherwise the interior of the church is plastered in white. The church has been described as one of Finland’s most successful and beautiful churches of the romantic nationalist style. Ilmari Launis has designed the church’s altarpiece paintings “Ristiinnaulittu, jonka juurelta vuotaa elämän veden virta” (Crucified, from which the water of light flows from the roots) and to the sides ”Kalkkia ja leipää kantavat enkelit” (Angels bearing limestone and bread”.